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Cannot Paint Today

December 6th, 2016

Cannot Paint Today

Alas, I cannot paint today. I have a heavy cold and know if I tried to paint on any existing canvas, I just just make mistakes and spoil any good work I have done. So, have a bit of a blog instead.

Felt so tired earlier today but could not get to sleep, so just barely functioning with my cold.

What can I say about painting ? I'd rather being doing than trying to analyse it. To get some hints on improving technique, I bought from eBay at less than 3.00 each artbooks in The Masters of Art series and also Phaidon Colour, which both have about 30-40 pages of full colour plates, the works of the great painters of the past, and some observations are, if you want to improve painting of trees, have a good look at Constable's trees, the most detailed, accurate and realistic I have seen. For portraits, it must be Rembrandt. Observe the colours he uses for wrinkles and lines around the eyes, and also, that he does not have much of the white of the eyes, and has very large pupils,

Could just about manage to write and post that.